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Gelli Baff is the first product of its kind. It is taking bathrooms and pools by storm in the UK, Australia and USA, and now it is here in South Africa too. Gelli Baff is a bath and pool toy. It comes in a two pack powder that transforms water into brightly coloured goo , when the fun is done and its time to get out, simply sprinkle the second packet over the goo and watch the goo become water again. Gelli Baff is R150 a box - Please contact your local franchisee for more information.


Magic Choc is totally unique, UK manufactured, flexible & edible Belgian chocolate with superb play value!

A patent protected method of tempering the chocolate allows it to set, whilst remaining flexible resulting in a delicious fun product that can be formed to create as many fun shapes as the imagination allows.

In each box of Magic Choc you will receive three bags of chocolate i.e. white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Magic Choc also includes tasty model...

They come in 5 main colours and each colour has a smell:

  • Red: Cherry or Strawberry
  • Blue: Bubblegum
  • Green: Apple
  • Yellow: Lemon Twist
  • Purple: Grape

They contain...