How to Create a Candy Buffet

A candy buffet is a great way to offer guests at any event a sweet treat to remember your day. Set up the candy buffet at a wedding reception, baby shower, Holiday party, birthday party or fund raising event. Your guests will be delighted with this fun and unique wedding favor or party favor creation. You can be as creative as you would like without breaking the bank. Who doesn't love candy?

Wedding buffet candy bar

Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

  • Containers to serve candy from
  • Candy
  • Gift packaging for guests
  • ribbon
  • Plain white adhesive labels
  • Pen and paper to create check list
  • Card stock to create tags for packaging
  1. Check off items as you get them.
    Create check list. Decide how many guests will be enjoying the candy buffet. Determine how many types of candy you would like to offer. A very good candy buffet offers a variety of choices with at least 6-10 choices. More if you choose. Choose a color scheme that accents the wedding, holiday or party. This will help keep you on track.

  2. Candy choices should fit the celebration.
    Choosing candy. This step may seem out of place but it will make sense in a second. Depending on the occasion you will want to choose candy that suits the occasion. For a wedding , baby shower or holiday choose candy that compliments colors or fits in with the over all theme. For a children's party choose candy suitable for that age group. Gummy worms , jelly beans, licorice ect. Some candy may be tall you will need to keep in mind all candy sizes and shapes when choosing serving options.

  3. Glass should have wide opening to make it easy for serving.
    Choosing containers to serve and display candy. For more formal or adult type events choose more elegant containers such as glass bowls, oversized martini glasses, fish bowls ect.To serve candy choose something easy to handle. Nice new aluminum tongs work well. Stainless steal measuring cups look nice too. Make sure measuring cups are small and easily placed in container of candy.

  4. Use different sizes
    Kid themed parties should have containers that are safe and not breakable. Sand Pails and shovels are perfect. You can use the shovels as the candy scoops. Pails and buckets can be purchased at party supply stores in various shapes and sizes.

  5. favor boxes come in many colors and sizes
    Guest favor bags or boxes can be whatever size you choose. The type should fit with the theme of the party or wedding. Chinese takeout boxes are cute and easy to handle. Remember to attach favor tags if you choose. You can make your own tags with card stock by printing a personalized message and cutting it out. You can use a single hole punch and attach with a small piece of ribbon. Or even easier you can print up regular address labels with a small message and stick directly to favor bag or box.

  6. Containers should be a variety of shapes and sizes
    Setting up candy buffet. Label all containers before the day of the event. An easy way to do this would be to measure ribbon to wrap around container, cut, write candy flavor in a round adhesive label, on 1 side of ribbon attach blank round adhesive label. Wrap around container. Label should have sticky side facing you. Stick 2nd part of ribbon to label. Now directly on top of that place label with candy description or name. If the table is against a wall make sure tall containers are in back with shorter sizes in between and in front . If you can walk all the way around the table, stagger containers. keeping them easy to reach. Place favor bags or boxes all around the table for easy access. Make sure to keep refills of candy on hand. Assign someone to refill candy if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your event is outdoors avoid chocolate. It melts and gets very messy.
  • Avoid jaw breaker style candy. They are a choking hazard.