First Birthday Fun & Ideas


First Birthday Fun & Ideas

You're so excited

Here's a first birthday party idea that will preserve your child's party, an important event in the life of your child and your family. This is a special time to celebrate, remember, and look back at how much your baby has grown and learned in just one year.

Unlike other birthdays, your child's 1st birthday party is more for you, your family and friends. At only one year of age, your baby doesn't understand all the fuss and excitement and why there are so many people in your home. Although it will be something your little one can look back at and feel proud of. 

First Birthday Party Idea - You're making memories

Even though your child is too young to appreciate their first birthday right now, you need to make sure that years from now when your child is old enough, they'll be able to enjoy all the fun activities, gifts, food, family and friends that helped celebrate their very first birthday.

Here's how
Pictures, a scrapbook and video or a DVD.

Take lots and lots of pictures and shoot lots of video. You can take too few pictures, but you can't take too many pictures of your child's first birthday party.

Set a goal
You want to document the entire celebration. Later on you can choose the best pictures to include in your scrapbook and DVD. 

Treasured Keepsakes
Here's a fun project that's sure to become a treasured keepsake. Put together a special scrapbook about your child's first birthday. Include your pictures in chronological order, save a part, save an invitation and anything else that will help make your scrapbook special. And if you shoot video or take digital pictures, either you or someone else can put together a precious DVD so that future generations to come will be able to see what everyone looked like "way back when." Your DVD can include shots of your baby's room, special toys, stuffed animals and crib. And you can use a special song in your video.

Put your party together

Schedule your party at a time that works best with your baby's schedule. You don't want them to be fussy or cranky because they didn't have their nap.

The party should only last a couple of hours because all the excitement will begin making your child tired and that can lead to being cranky and spoiling the party.

And remember that your young guests have a very short attention span too. So keep your games and activities short and simple.

Make your invitations interesting and fun

Your invitation should be fun, interesting and precious. Remember, you want everyone to know you're going to be celebrating a very special event in your family's life.

Use a phrase like "look whose turning one year old" and include their newborn picture.

Just for fun
Make the newborn picture into a 3 or 4 piece puzzle. Or give then only one small piece of the puzzle and ask everyone to bring their puzzle piece so the puzzle can be put together as a party activity. 

Make sure to copy all the pieces in case someone doesn't show up. Let us decorate your home with a party theme

Choose one of our many themes, Pooh's first birthday is always a favourite. 

The games you can play
Play games so the adults can assist the little ones. Stack soft blocks, roll a ball, read a very short story, sing songs, do "baby art work" using crayons and paper.

Remember when...

Put together a scrapbook of pictures and memories from the birth of your child, bringing baby home for the first time, baby's first bath and all the special times throughout their first year.

This gives everyone an opportunity to see the wonderful progress your child has made during their very first year.

First birthday cakes, Food and other goodies

We can assist you with all of these, Party Packs are specially made for your little one and we will get you gorgeous cake to go with your selected theme. .

It's going to be so much fun!

Yes, with this first birthday party idea, your child's party is going to be a very special event, one you want to capture with lots of pictures and video that will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.

And when your baby gets to be old enough, they'll really enjoy seeing their first birthday party too.

Have fun!!!