Fear Factor Party

Evidently for you, Fear is not a Factor

Duration: 1h30min

Age Appropriate: 6+

Games include: Hospital Carry (warm up relay game), Wheelbarrow Relay (get the blood flowing with the first challenge), Base running (Who has the pace to outlast the rest?), Bobbing for apples, Straight face egg (can you keep a straight face with an egg breaking on your head), Egg toss (how far can you throw an egg?), memories in brains (fish for jelly babies in a bowl of spaghetti), Straight face mystery shooters (varied contents in shooter glasses), Fear Factor Paintball (can you stay still with a paintball flying at you at 300 feet per second with only a sheet of PVC between you and serious pain!)

Concern: Parents can be assured that extreme caution and proper safety measures are taken, 10 years of kiddies parties without serious incident speaks for itself.

Price: R2, 250.00

Up to 30 Kids